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Zombie Plush Slippers

Are your feet feeling deadly cold? Warm them up and do the zombie shuffle in these Zombie Plush Slippers. Your feet will feel undead and lively in minutes.


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Send a message to the undead that you are not one to be trifled with even as you warm up your tootsies in these hideous but adorable Zombie Plush Slippers. The slippers, which are made to look like the green decapitated heads of gagging, eye-popping zombies, have all the warmth that the creatures lack.

Slip them on and you will look like a true zombie hunter. Imaging the reaction you’ll get when a gang of the slouching, slathering, brain-feeders comes upon you as you appear to have your feet firmly planted down the throats of not one, but two of their kind.

It’s enough to put a zombie off its feed.

Then again, they may pass you by and assume that the pair of lucky ones that got there first already are devouring you. Just remember as you look down your legs to your feet, it’s just an illusion. You’re fine.

Keep in mind that while the threat of the zombie apocalypse has not yet manifested itself, the zombie preparedness website of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control does recommend that you prepare for the worst. So have plenty of batteries, stock up on canned goods, and don’t forget your pair of zombie plush slippers.

These Zombie Plush Slippers feature a dangling eyeball from the zombie on the right and a protruding tongue hanging from the mouth of the other. The zombie heads come with a frizz of dark simulated hair and a face only a mother could love – if she were dead. The slippers are a full 14 inches long and one size will fit most adult zombie hunters.