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Washable Keyboard

Eat, drink, and be klutzy and still type away at your computer with the Washable Keyboard. This keyboard will take life’s spills and wash up in the sink to be ready to type again


via Amazon

It’s a nightmare most computer users have had or actually experienced. You’re almost through with the report that’s due in moments, or you are about to demolish your online game opponent. You pause to take a swig of soda, but it slips out of your hand and lands, spilling soda all over your keyboard. Zzzzzzzzzz. The report is gone. The game is lost.

Take the fear out of eating or drinking near your computer with the Washable Keyboard, which not only resists the spills and splashes of daily life, but can be taken to the sink, be completely submerged in water for cleaning, then be drained out, dried out, and be plugged in to type again.

Gone are the days of tedious vacuuming or careful wiping of the keys, only to find that some are still sticking. And the Logitech keyboard is not only spillage proof, it is built to withstand tough use by frustrated gamesters or curious toddlers. It has durable keys that are laser printed with UV coating to avoid fading.

Unlike previous keyboards that were built in an effort to stave off the disaster of spills but wound up giving users an unusual mushy key action, the Washable Keyboard has a natural feel with which most typists are familiar. It’s comfortable to use and has a stylish design that feels great and looks good.

The Washable Keyboard also is easy to use. You simply plug it in to your Windows PC. There is no software to install.

So replace that easily damaged keyboard with the life-resistant Washable Keyboard and never fear the soda drop again.