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USS Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Did you know that the famed USS Enterprise was a cutter? The USS Enterprise Pizza Cutter will make short work of a pepperoni, let alone a Ferengi war craft. Arm the photon torpedoes!


via Amazon

Man your battle stations and raise the shields. You are about to make a first encounter with a major invasion of stuffed crust pizzas.

No fan of the original Star Trek series will want to miss playing Capt. Kirk with this USS Enterprise Pizza Cutter as he forges his way through a universe of cheese, going where no slicer has been before.

Word has it that this life giving sustenance made its way here in 30 minutes or less from a universe far, far away. But that’s another story. Trekkies are known to be strangely familiar with this foodstuff, as it has seen them through episodes of Tribble infestation and Romulan treachery.

Not even Mr. Spock can logically explain the connection between Star Trek. the TV show, and pizza, the delivered one. But let the joining be made manifest by slicing into the feast with this cutter that is the spitting image of the mother ship.

Even though the original series has since been replaced by others on the TV schedule, except for the constant reruns, pizza remains a staple for a true citizen of the Federation. So the Star Trek Pizza Cutter will never be put in mothballs.

Engage the engines and lets take the ship on a cruise to planet sausage and mushroom. Or perhaps we’ll encounter the dreaded anchovy and slice through the defenses of a ham and pineapple special order.

Take no prisoners. Let them know that Kirk and the Enterprise crew are patrolling this sector of the kitchen. Beam me down, Scotty. The pizza is here.