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USB Powered Missile Launcher

Your enemies can run but they cannot hide from this USB Powered Missile Launcher. Fire all cannons on command from anywhere in the world and create computer controlled mayhem.


via Amazon

Consider the power that can be yours with the USB Powered Missile Launcher to exact revenge or simply annoy co-workers or school mates who merely have to dare cross your path to be fired upon with precision.

The launcher is a threatening gun metal grey and features four missile barrels ready to be loaded with the included harmless but effective foam missiles. Just use the four-foot cable to hook it up to the USB port on your laptop or desk top computer, download the software and be prepared to do battle.

The launcher is compatible with Windows Live Messenger, SP SP2 or later, Vista, Skype on Windows 7, and MSN. Your co-workers may glance into your cubicle while you are on vacation in Mexico and think the launcher is disabled and harmless. But just then, while you’re sitting safely in the sun in Cabo San Lucas, you can command the launcher to aim and fire while you watch on your laptop.

There is nowhere to hide because you can be anywhere and still mount an attack with one or several of the launchers you have set up to protect your stuff from probing eyes or someone trying to borrow your stapler.

Installation is practically effortless. The intimidation factor alone is priceless but it also comes complete with sound effects that make your intentions known even as your targets run in dread from the coming onslaught. Do battle with your siblings and don’t let them get away with coming in your room – even when you’re not there.

Make your stand with the USB Powered Missile Launcher and know you have the power to truly annoy.