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Underwater Scooter

Conserve energy while you take a page out of a James Bond novel and get ready to explore the deep with ease as you scuba dive or snorkel with this Underwater Scooter to pull you along.


via Amazon

Run silent, run deep and effortlessly explore the silent world below when you are power by the Underwater Scooter. The scooter, which looks like a round space fan, will pull you along as you scuba dive, snorkel, or just swim, conserving energy and oxygen.

Lightweight and portable, the Underwater Scooter can be packed away in a suitcase to go with you on your trips to favorite swimming holes. It is powered by a highly efficient lithium ion battery that takes only a couple of hours to recharge. Then it is good to go for another two hours of extensive use exploring the underwater marvels of coral reefs and schools of brightly colored fish.

The scooter handles like a breeze and is easily controlled by simply gripping the handles on each side. Then scoot along beneath the waves at up to four miles an hour under normal use. Make your way for miles undersea using much less energy than it would take to swim half the distance.

The scooter is perfect for the underwater enthusiast, particularly those who can’t wait to get to the next thing to explore. Dive deeper without using up precious oxygen as you do when flapping your legs for propulsion.

You don’t have to be related to Jacques Cousteau or dive from the Calypso to realize your dream of truly unlimited undersea exploration. You will have to wait for your diving companions to keep up. Or purchase a second Underwater Scooter for your dive buddy and make a day of it while you’re devoting full time to floating under the sea.