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Underwater Pool Stool

Let your guests belly up to the bar even as they take advantage of your cool pool with these Underwater Pool Stools, which provide a light show as well as a place to sit.


via Amazon

If you’ve ever made a trip to some exotic locale and enjoyed a swim in the pool at some swank resort, you’ve probably encountered a swim bar – a bar that is actually built into the pool, with stools submerged in the pool itself so patrons can just swim up and sit. The bartender is on dry land, but the customers get the best of both worlds.

Bring the same sense of fun and the outrageous decadence of the pool bar home to your pool with the Underwater Pool Stool. This light weight stool is made to be placed in a pool, take in water and sink to the bottom, providing a spot to sit anywhere in the pool. The battery powered, remote controlled LED lights that are embedded within the stool will add a colorful splendor to an evening pool party and they come in a variety of colors. When the party is over or when you want to move on to other things, the Underwater Pool Stool is easily removed to make room for other pool activities.

No party is needed, though, to enjoy being able to sit and relax in your pool and rest up after swimming a few dozen laps. The seat is adjustable, so it can be used at almost any standard swimming pool depth.

Surprise and thrill your guests and make your next pool party one they will remember. They will think they were whisked away to an elite island paradise when they take a seat on a seemingly extravagant Underwater Pool Stool.