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Treadmill Desk

Don’t wish you were working out when you’re working at your desk. You can do both at the same time with the Treadmill Desk, which will let you build muscle while you build your business.


via Amazon

It happens all the time. You’re at work and your desk is piled to the rafters with issues demanding your immediate attention. You know you’ll never have time to get to the gym for a workout. Or you’re at the gym and you can’t enjoy yourself because of the headaches you know are waiting for you at work.

The manufacturers of the Treadmill Desk must have had you in mind when they created this horseshoe-shaped desk that can be attached to any treadmill and give you the best of both of your worlds. The desk comes with two cup holders and plenty of room for files and a laptop. There’s even an attached In/Out box so everything will be in the right place as you do your laps.

The Treadmill Desk can be adjusted to fit office workers from five feet, four inches tall to six feet, four inches. It weighs 57 pounds and can support almost its weight in equipment, or 55 pounds of computers, adding machines, telephones, and staplers. And there’s plenty of room for whatever you need on your desk. The Treadmill Desk has a workspace that measures 72 by 34 inches.

Build muscle while you build your business and take stress out of the daily grind by walking it off even as your working. When you say you're on a treadmill at work, mean it!

Health care specialists have long been warning about the hazards of the sedentary lifestyle of sitting behind a desk. Turn the tables on them and turn work into the best workout you’ve ever had with the Treadmill Desk.