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Toilet Mug

Don’t let Fido have all the fun. Join him in the gag by drinking your coffee straight from this ceramic Toilet Mug. It will just wind up back there, anyway.


via Amazon

What is it about the toilet that has all the dogs drinking from it? Find out yourself with this ceramic Toilet Mug.

The mug, which is dishwasher safe, is perfect for that first cup of coffee on a Monday morning. You can tell others what you think of waking at this hour for work without having to say a word. Just wrap your lips around the bowl rim and swig.

When you think of it, you are just the middleman. Whatever you drink will just wind up back in the toilet, anyway. So own your position in the great circle of life and let everyone know what you think of it. Or fill the Toilet Mug with your favorite liquor and practice worshipping the porcelain god. It holds plenty to do the job.

The Toilet Mug also makes an eye-popping centerpiece or can be a perfect planter. You might also load it with potpourri, your favorite candy, or cookies for the kids. It can become your favorite ice cream bowl. Buy two and use one as a cereal bowl while you sip your coffee from the other.

The Toilet Mug is the perfect gag gift for that person on your list who is hard to buy for. It’s particularly perfect if you are annoyed that you nevertheless still have to find them some kind of gift.

When it’s filled with your favorite sherbet or a steaming bowl of soup, you’ll certainly enjoy cleaning the toilet bowl of the Toilet Mug. And when your done, you can let Fido lick the leftovers. He’s used to it.