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Tetris Desk Lamp

Ode to Tetris, the iconic tile-matching video game puzzle that helped many of us to understand that finding a good fit is better than waiting for the perfect fit. Now, let’s move that wisdom to home décor.


via Amazon

How many hours of your life would you say you consecrated to mastering Tetris? The addictive game that is simple, but never easy. For forty years, Tetris has been one of the most popular digital games in the world. The game is invigorating and when you’ve ascended to another level, you feel just a bit smarter for it.

So, it is no wonder that a Tetris desk lamp would inspire a similar sense of achievement. That’s because this is no ordinary lamp. What you see is not all you get. The Tetris lamp is a seven-piece interlocking desk lamp that turns on when assembled and turns off when disassembled. Each piece of the lamp represents an actual piece from the video game and, like the game, you can arrange the pieces however you see fit.

Once assembled, the Tetris lamp displays brightly colored neon shapes and can be redesigned at will. It will be interesting just to see how many different combinations you can come up with on a day-to-day basis. Are you feeling a little off and disjointed? Show it in the lamp. Are you feeling suave and put-together? Let the Tetris lamp tell the story for you.

No need to grab your smartphone and fool around with Bejeweled tonight. No. You have Tetris within your reach. No downloading required. Move the cathartic experience of being wooed by a slow-moving geometric puzzle game to your own bedside or desktop and let the legend that is Tetris continue on in you.

We thank you for this magical gift, Dear Mother Russia.