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Tactical Canned Bacon

Everyone knows that everything goes better with bacon, especially during a nuclear winter following a devastating bomb attack. Stock up now with plenty of cans of Tactical Canned Bacon.


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Carnivores have long known that bacon is meat in its finest form. The greasy taste, the crispy texture, the memories of breakfasts past all serve to make it one of man’s favorite meals and a necessity for bare subsistence survival.

But what if the unexpected happens and bacon as we know it is no longer available? That is a thought too terrible to contemplate. But now you can be assured that bacon will always be on hand with a ready supply of Tactical Canned Bacon.

These cans come with 18 servings – 54 slices – of premium cooked bacon ready to eat. The cans will preserve the little slices of heaven, giving them a shelf life of up to 10 years. That hopefully will be enough to survive a nuclear winter or to give pigs the chance to repopulate the earth following a zombie apocalypse.

Listen to your inner survivalist. No basement bomb shelter would be completely outfitted without a few shelves of Tactical Canned Bacon. With these on hand, you are armed and ready to fortify yourself with a BLT before heading topside in search of other survivors. Be sure you don’t expose them to bacon breath, though, or you may have to battle to keep them from finding your stash.

Consider the power that Tactical Canned Bacon can bring you in a world without bacon. You will be in charge, using slices as currency to pay for other supplies or work you need done on your survival shelter. The possibilities are endless, so don’t let yourself be caught in a manmade or natural disaster without your Tactical Canned Bacon.