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Star Wars Chess

Feel the Force and take control of the ultimate battle of good and evil all contained on a game board and fought out in Star War Chess with the rebel forces versus the Empire.


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Luke Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi, Han Solo, the Emperor and his sidekick Darth Vader do battle again, this time on a 17 x 17-inch chessboard as you play Star War Chess and try to conquer the universe – or at least your piece of it.

The 32 chess pieces, which stand 2-4 inches tall, all resemble characters or machines from the iconic movie series and are painted for realism. Pawns are X-Wing fighters and Tie Fighters. Princess Leia is armed with a blaster. Luke lugs Jedi Master Yoda on his shoulder as Han joins with R2D2 and C3PO to take point. But watch out or Darth and the Dark Side will reach victory.

Make your move, but think carefully. You’ll find these are the Droids you’ve been looking for to take off the board and damage the rebel forces and ruin their chances of winning. Or knock off a Stormtrooper as you sneak your characters in to capture the Emperor and conquer his domain.

The choice is yours in this updated version of the 2,000-year-old game. The strategies, rules, and tactics are the same, but rather than choosing to be black or white, you can side with the good rebels or the evil Empire. Then you can switch sides and strike back.

This is the perfect gift for the Star Wars fan and would-be chess champion. There may be no Death Star or wholesale destruction of planets, but you can show that The Force is with you as you destroy the opposition in a friendly game of Star Wars Chess.