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Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener

Prepare to beam up and party with the help of this sturdy Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener in the shape of the starship NCC-1701 from the original Star Trek TV series.


via Amazon

Fans of the original Star Trek series will instantly recognize the shape of this sturdy metal bottle opener as the starship USS Enterprise, otherwise known as NCC-1701, from the original television series. The familiar design, in addition to being great for voyaging through space – the final frontier, also makes a useful tool at parties. The heft of the metal collectible is enough to tackle and open any favorite bottle of brew or soda.

In the design of the bottle opener, the familiar nacelles that protrude up and out from the body of the starship serve as handles, while the round portion that housed the bridge is perfect for wedging under a bottle cap and popping it off. The entire Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener measures about five inches and fits snugly in the palm.

Even your Vulcan friends will be surprised and pleased to see the friendly ally in service in the battle of the bottles. The Klingons in your life will set aside their differences to examine the sleek Starfleet design of the Starship Class bottle opener.

The Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener is an officially licensed product and collectible as well as useful. The party doesn’t have to have a Star Trek theme for this bottle opener to make its mark. After all, we all know you can’t trust the Ferengi anywhere near the silverware. And the Borg are just a bunch of buzz killers.

Explore new worlds of microbrew. Seek out new life and new civilizations and beam them all up to party like it’s 2299. You’ll be armed and ready with your handy Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener.