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spnKiX Motorized Shoes

The Jetsons will have nothing on you and your friends will be green with envy as you motorize your feet and wheel your way to wherever and back on the new spnKiX Motorized Shoes.


via Amazon

Jet packs are hard to come by and can be cumbersome to wear. And flying cars are still in the development process. But for real futuristic transportation, strap on the spnKiX Motorized Shoes and go wherever you need to without ever moving your legs.

spnKiX Motorized Shoes will roll you around at about 10 miles an hour using wheels powered by removable batteries in the shoes that you can charge in a couple of hours. They come with removable training wheels you can use until you get the feel of the road that’s literally right under your feet. The shoes strap to your feet with wheels on each foot that contain the motors. The contraption uses a hand held controller that is about the size of a key fob, which will throttle you up at the push of a button.

Cruise by the crowds as you roll rather than walk to class or to work. Amaze your friends and make them jealous as you scoot effortlessly from the computer to the refrigerator and back.

The developers of spnKiX Motorized Shoes brought foot travel into the 21st century by incorporating the miniaturization of technology that has given us laptops, radio controlled cars, and smart phones into the wireless remote that controls the speed of the shoes.

This is the perfect gift for the geek who has trouble getting away from the computer or for the couch potato who always asks someone else to get him a beer. With the spnKiX Motorized Shoes strapped to their feet, they will likely even volunteer to take out the trash. Award the chores to the one who wears the spnKiX Motorized Shoes and relax.