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Computer Mouse with Real Spider

There are two ways this will play out. Either the person who receives this gift will love it and laugh or you will find out just how hard a geek can hit when totally creeped out. Either or.


via Amazon

Nothing says cool quite like being able to rest the palm of your hand on a giant spider encased in clear acrylic. In the beginning, there won’t be too many moments where you’ll forget it’s there. But you will enjoy the smooth, flawless movements of this optical mouse as it glides across your desktop.

Impress the folks around you with how blasé you are about being so close to a giant spider. Such a distinction is reserved for only the most emotionally intelligent among us. Of course, if that’s not exactly you just yet, give this as a gift to yourself to help you navigate the rough terrain of your own (quite possibly unfounded) case of arachnophobia. It’s the best of both worlds.

The Spider Mouse is completely functional. No trying to carve out shelf space for a spider encased in an acrylic cube. No deciding whether to use something that’s clearly not a paperweight as a paperweight… especially when you don’t really do very much work with paper anyway.

The Spider Mouse will connect easily to your computer’s USB port. And get this – it lights up. Use your mouse in the dark and get a freaky desktop light show by watching the brief series of lights flash behind the spider. Lights change from red to violet to blue to green. It’s a pretty attractive display.

The Spider Mouse is a great idea for a lightweight gift that can be used every day. And this question has probably already crossed your mind a million times. “Is it real?” Yes. This is a real spider that is nicely preserved by being encased in acrylic. Gotta love that.