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Spacerail Level 9

Spacerail, level nine, may be complicated to assemble but that’s half the fun and well worth the effort to operate your own rollercoaster in tabletop form. Send the steel ball wheeling for hours of fun for the whole family.


via Amazon

Remember when having fun included building your own toys? There were the Leggos, the Lincoln Logs, and the multi-faceted and complex fun derived from your Erector Set.

Those days are back with a bang and plenty of style with the arrival of Spacerail, a do-in-yourself rollercoaster that is designed to fit on top of a table – that is, if you assemble it correctly. Once you put it together, you and yours can watch for hours as a steel ball is lifted by elevator to the takeoff point and rolls around and over the 200 feet of track that comes included.

Spacerail, level nine, is the most complicated version yet and could take hours and some bouts of frustration to hook the rails together to form the complicated maze. It looks like it could have come straight from the mind of Rube Goldberg. But his machines were meant to make the performance of simple tasks as complex as possible. The Spacerail’s purpose – to entertain – is simple and is accomplished each time the steel ball completes a circuit.

Think of it. When you assemble furniture all you can do with it is sit on it or store books on it. The Spacerail is a live action addition to the home that will enthrall your friends and earn you their admiration for your abilities.

Get off the computer. The next level of whatever game you were playing will still be there. Take the time to assemble the Spacerail with your family and rediscover the fun that comes with accomplishment.