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Social Shower Curtain

Shower with your social side and feel like you’re still connected to your friends online even as you suds up. With the Social Shower Curtain, you never have to feel alone again. Ever.


via Amazon

Can’t tear yourself away from your friends on Facebook or other social media contacts even long enough for a shower and some basic hygiene? Now you can avoid warding off and offending your actual friends even as you sooth your sensibilities by maintaining the perception of being connected with the Social Shower Curtain.

The water resistant nylon curtain, which measures a full 70 inches by 70 inches, hides the important parts but still leaves a clear square so you can look out and recreate your online photo. It has a decidedly Facebook-ish appearance, listing Shower Curtain as living in The Bathroom, Washington, DC, and being in a relationship with Limescale.

Bath Tub leaves a comment: “Why did the bank robber take a bath? So he could make a clean getaway ...hahaha.” Wash Basin wants to be unblocked, while Shower Head tagged Shower Curtain in a photo. Also friends are Hot Tap and Toilet Seat. Apparently Cold Tap is giving it the cold shoulder.

The Social Shower Curtain is perfect for that social media addict or all around computer geek in the family. It will leave a lasting message and be more true to form than any flower pattern or polka dot curtain can.

When you need a break after spending hours at the keyboard, just pop in to your bathroom and see if Shower Curtain has any new messages or has friended any of your household appliances while you take care of your business. You can always be certain that all the messages for Social Shower Curtain are clean.