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Shooting Target Alarm Clock

Don’t let the alarm clock get away with it. Have your revenge with the Shooting Target Alarm Clock, which actually needs you to shoot it to shut it off. Meanwhile, you’re awake.


via Amazon

Have you ever noticed that the most annoying thing about your average alarm clock is that it only seems to wake you up when you’re asleep? And then there are the ones with the convenient sleep button you can hit over and over to make absolutely sure you’re late for work or school?

Well, now you can have your revenge and wake up feeling like Rambo II in the bargain with the Shooting Target Alarm Clock. You are no longer defenseless to the slavish 6 a.m. setting as this clock comes equipped with an alarm-seeking gun and a target to focus your bleary eyes on.

There are three settings that can be used to shut off that infernal noise, and all will have you awake and vengeful before you can say, “Make my day.” The first, the quick draw, requires that your sleepy little self make five perfect bulls eyes in three minutes. Another, the time mode, pits your speed against the clock, while the third setting switches randomly between the two others.

Just try to sleep through that, Rumplestiltskin. And not only will you be wide awake and right on time, but you probably will be less likely to do bodily harm to the mail carrier. Another benefit is the simulated gun sounds will let your sleeping partner know you’re up and not to worry.

The clock only comes in black, so if it’s still dark, just aim above the digital readout. Have fun waking up and have a showdown with the waking world with the Shooting Target Alarm Clock.