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Secure Mail Vault

It won’t protect you from junk mail, but the Secure Mail Vault is built to help protect your important mail from possible theft, destruction by weather hazards, and particularly from nosy neighbors.


via Amazon

You’re expecting a letter from your bank that will include your age, address, bank account numbers, and other sensitive details. What if identity thieves get to it first and steal it straight out of your mailbox while you are at work?

Mail theft is growing as a hazard and is considered an easy way for thieves to get the information they need to open charge accounts and bleed away your funds. Protect those documents from robbers or even the weather or the prying eyes of neighbors with the Securite Mail Vault.

The Securite Mail Vault won’t cause problems for your mail carrier, though, since it will hold letters, newspapers, small packages, and magazines in the 21x12.4x18-inch box. Once the mail is deposited, only you will be able to retrieve it.

The vault is nearly 53 pounds of sturdy steel construction and contains a dual door entry system accessible by a keypad lock. “Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat” shall affect the letters kept in this weather-resistant lock box, so that handwritten letter from Great Aunt Beatrice detailing your inheritance is safe from becoming illegible due to water damage.

Consider it the roach motel of letterboxes. The mailbox design is such that the deposits can get in, but they can’t get out the same way, not unless the thief is Mister Fantastic. The other entry door is securely locked and only you and your family will have the code.

Protect your identity, secure that check that was in the mail to you, and don’t let the neighbors know the magazines you subscribe to. Security for your home should begin at the curb with the Secure Mail Vault.