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Samurai Katana Umbrella

Whether it’s raining or not, you will want to carry this Samurai Katana Umbrella with you to make you look like you’re armed with the famed feudal sword. The umbrella works, too.


via Amazon

Any sneaky ninja will take one look at you armed with this Samurai Katana Umbrella and think again. This fabulous and rugged umbrella comes equipped with a handle that looks just like those of the ancient feudal weapon the Samurai kept strapped to their sides, ready for battle.

The Samurai Katana Umbrella also comes with a sheath and a shoulder strap so it will always be handy when it is a rainstorm that is threatening. And the stylish handle provides a good grip in the wind.

The Samurai Katana Umbrella is 38.75 inches long – plenty long to look threatening when sheathed. When extended with a simple push of a button, the umbrella will fully extend to its 41-inch diameter, which is plenty wide to keep you dry.

Don’t let a downpour get you down. And know that you’re always safe against rampaging hordes of homeless serfs. The lightweight Samurai Katana Umbrella is well balanced and has the feel of an actual practice sword in your hands.

Just think of the conversations that will start and the popularity this umbrella can inspire. It will be popular, at least, with everyone but the TSA agents at the airport. They might require you to prove you’re not trying to sneak a sword on the plane.

Impress the group at your bus stop the next time it looks like rain. Any comments will likely be complimentary ones, since no one will want you to brandish your Samurai Katana Umbrella. Not unless it’s raining. Then they will likely want to share its protection with you.