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R2D2 Baby Beanie Hat

This baby beanie will have the power to transform your child into your very own R2D2, unintelligible language and all. R2D2’s signature beeps, boops, and whistles are lovingly replaced with sweet coos, kaas, and whines.


via Amazon

Fashion your child up with one of the most profane characters in cinema history. Everything R2D2 said was bleeped or booped out. R2D2, of course, being the loveable robot with an attitude. This baby beanie is perfect for any budding Star Wars aficionado.

Handmade with milk protein yarn cultivated from the finest fields on Dagobah in the Outer Rim, this knit hat is perfect for even the most precious and delicate of future droids or children. The softer yarn makes it ideal for any baby.

This isn’t like other knitwear either! It fits babies 3-12 months, but can be worn but bigger kids as well. We’re looking at you, dad. Don’t go stealing your kids’ winter wear now.

Are you a Star Wars fan without the children? Well, this makes the perfect gift for someone you know who does have children. There is nothing better than trying to sway future generations away from the dark side and there’s no better way than with this stylishly cute R2D2 beanie.

Order your R2D2 being today to make a child of your life a stylish robot from the future, today.