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Personalized BBQ Branding Iron

We all know that it’s not the meat it’s the maker. So let everyone know who made that perfect slab of barbecued beef, pork, or chicken by “signing” your piece of culinary art with a customizable branding iron.


via Amazon

Take a page from the cattle ranchers of the Wild West and claim your beef, pork, or chicken barbecue masterpiece by branding it with your name before it comes off the grill. Make our brand your own by personalizing it with your name or favorite saying so there will be no mistaking who is the master griller.

The letters and spacers that come with the branding iron will let you create a variety of tasty sayings to mark your prize, indicate your mood, send a message, or just add that personal touch. You won’t be marking a live animal, but you will be designating some kicking hot creations as your own.

Take pride in your barbecue prowess. Artists sign their paintings, after all. Celebrities sign autographs. Our barbecue branding iron now gives you the chance to join the greats and make your mark where it belongs – right on the ribs. Sign your steak. Put your John Hancock on the chicken. You created it and you deserve the recognition.

On the other hand, if the meat’s a flop, you can switch the letters and put the blame on Cousin Sid, who forgot the chips and dip again. Think of the possibilities.

Don’t let another summer grill season pass serving the same old plain, anonymous mystery meat. Brandish your brand and put credit where it is due. The handle is heat resistant and the branding area heats up rapidly so there’s no need to overcook the meat while you prepare to seer in that final touch and make your meaty mark.