iPotty Activity Seat for iPad

Even potty training has gone digital. Now you can encourage your toddler to learn to use the potty and operate an iPad at the same time with the iPotty Activity Seat for iPad.


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spnKiX Motorized Shoes

The Jetsons will have nothing on you and your friends will be green with envy as you motorize your feet and wheel your way to wherever and back on the new spnKiX Motorized Shoes.


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Apocalypse Tactical Tomahawk

Make sure you’re ready for any apocalyptic event that may come you way. Stand your ground in steely style with the Apocalypse Tactical Tomahawk. Also good for campsite use.


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Batman Knife

Engage your inner Caped Crusader while you get real life use out of this double-bladed Batman Knife. Two 3-inch stainless steel blades lock into place for a handy and sharp pocket tool.


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Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit

You don’t have to be wandering the wilderness or adrift in a lifeboat to need the handy gadgets in the Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit, compiled for your safety by the ultimate survivalist himself.


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Tactical Canned Bacon

Everyone knows that everything goes better with bacon, especially during a nuclear winter following a devastating bomb attack. Stock up now with plenty of cans of Tactical Canned Bacon.


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Chewbacca Hoodie

If you’ve always wanted to be mistaken for a Wookiee, now is your chance. Keep warm while displaying your loyalty to Chewbacca of Star Wars fame with this faux fur Chewbacca Hoodie.


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Bluetooth Handset Gloves

When they tell you to talk to the hand, don’t take offense. Just use the Bluetooth Handset Gloves and take them at their word. The handset is embedded in warm gloves and wirelessly connects to your cell phone.


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PowerUp 2.0 Electric Paper Airplane Kit

Power up your paper airplanes and motorize them into the 21st century with the PowerUp 2.0 Electric Paper Airplane Kit. You make the plane and the kit makes it zoom.


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LEGO Star Wars Alarm Clock

What happens when The Force collides with the LEGO Man? The LEGO Star Wars Alarm Clock, of course. Bop Darth Vader, a Storm Trooper, or Boba Fett on the head when you want a little extra sleep.


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  • Baconnaise

    Everyone knows that everything tastes better with bacon. So know you can have your bacon and spread it, too, with Baconnaise, a bacon-flavored mayonnaise that will make every sandwich a bacon treat.


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  • Secure Mail Vault

    It won’t protect you from junk mail, but the Secure Mail Vault is built to help protect your important mail from possible theft, destruction by weather hazards, and particularly from nosy neighbors.


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  • Inflatable Hot Tub

    This Inflatable Hot Tub brings relaxation and fun to wherever you can hook into a wall plug, be it a sunroom, your backyard, or your basement. Enjoy true luxury at a budget price.


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  • WWII Warplane Ceiling Fan

    Get the feeling of being dive bombed and cooled off by a miniature version of the famed P-40 fighter jet every time you switch on this WWII Warplane Ceiling Fan.


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  • Mystical Fire

    Fire bad? No, fire good, particularly when sparked up by throwing on a couple of bags of Mystical Fire and turning your fireplace blaze or crackling campfire into a light show.


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  • Interactive Laser Pet Toy

    Let your kitten duel with its own version of a miniature light saber with this Interactive Laser Pet Toy. Challenge your cat to go to the light to try to catch it and watch the fun.


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  • USB Powered Missile Launcher

    Your enemies can run but they cannot hide from this USB Powered Missile Launcher. Fire all cannons on command from anywhere in the world and create computer controlled mayhem.


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  • Underwater Scooter

    Conserve energy while you take a page out of a James Bond novel and get ready to explore the deep with ease as you scuba dive or snorkel with this Underwater Scooter to pull you along.


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  • Spacerail Level 9

    Spacerail, level nine, may be complicated to assemble but that’s half the fun and well worth the effort to operate your own rollercoaster in tabletop form. Send the steel ball wheeling for hours of fun for the whole family.


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  • Star Wars Chess

    Feel the Force and take control of the ultimate battle of good and evil all contained on a game board and fought out in Star War Chess with the rebel forces versus the Empire.


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  • Ball Maze Game

    If you were enthralled by the Rubik’s Cube, take your love of solving puzzles to the spherical realm and find your way through the 3D labyrinth that is the Ball Maze Game.


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  • Ghostbusters Replica Ghost Trap

    Don’t let the pink slime or that funny green blob of a ghost get you down. You can be protected from the supernatural with this Ghostbusters Replica Ghost Trap with foot pedal action.


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  • Jumping Stilts

    Get powered up and jump higher and run faster than you’ve ever dreamed. Amaze and annoy your competitive friends who don’t have access to these Jumping Stilts, the ultimate in unique sports equipment.


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  • Social Shower Curtain

    Shower with your social side and feel like you’re still connected to your friends online even as you suds up. With the Social Shower Curtain, you never have to feel alone again. Ever.


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  • USS Enterprise Pizza Cutter

    Did you know that the famed USS Enterprise was a cutter? The USS Enterprise Pizza Cutter will make short work of a pepperoni, let alone a Ferengi war craft. Arm the photon torpedoes!


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  • Ninja Throwing Star Coat Hook

    The last ninja attack left telltale throwing stars embedded in your walls. Hide them quickly by using them as a Throwing Star Coat Hook or two. Don’t let the neighbors know the truth


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  • Pac Man Blanket

    Get wrapped up in your gaming fun and stay warm with the Pacman Blanket. This sizeable throw pictures a Pacman game screen to keep with the theme while keeping off the chill.


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  • Zombie Bottle Opener

    Whoever said that the only good undead is a dead undead never found themselves with an icy brew and no bottle opener. The Zombie Bottle Opener is the perfect thing – and perfectly gross.


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