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Pac Man Ice Cube Tray

We all love Pac Man, it’s a scientific fact. And now, long after the arcades have closed and melted away, we can all kick back with Pac and his friends thanks to the Pac Man Ice Tray!


via Amazon

Is there anyone who doesn't love Pac Man? Way back in the mists of time, back before the days of smartphones and outsourcing, back before the word “responsibility” had any real meaning whatsoever, Pac Man filled our days and nights with bright-yellow joy and obsession. Well, maybe not all of us; some are too young to remember, some too young to have yet been born. But, for those of us old enough to have spent our skipping-school afternoons at the local arcade, PacMan was just the thing to spirit us away to a world full of candy-colored monsters and flashing white, edible, dots.

Feeling nostalgic? Want to escape the craziness of so-called modern life? Like to enjoy a cold, refreshing drink with your nostalgic flights of fancy? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Pac Man Ice Cubes might be just what you need.

Honestly, who could do without an ice tray full of glorious memories? The answer? No one, that's who, and certainly not you! Face it, everyone loves Pac Man, even those who can't remember arcades and Asteroids, checkered Vans and Pole Position. Pac Man is a universal favorite, a happy face from a happy time and there can simply be nothing better than a cold glass of pop filled with happiness and the thrill of the never-ending noisy chase!

Imagine a world without Pac Man. Imagine your glass without Pac Man. It's a sad, sad thought, I certainly understand. But there's no need to descend to this level of pop-cultural horror. Pac Man lives, and now, with the help of the Pac Man Ice Cube Tray, he and his ghastly friends can live in your freezer, too! The Pac Man Ice Tray makes four ice cubes: two Spacemen and two ghouls. It makes a great gift for the nostalgia buff. Best of all, it makes you happy! Really, can you possibly do without? Get yours today!