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Pac Man Blanket

Get wrapped up in your gaming fun and stay warm with the Pacman Blanket. This sizeable throw pictures a Pacman game screen to keep with the theme while keeping off the chill.


via Amazon

It’s a throwback to the old school of video games. But this Pacman Blanket will be one any video addict will want to throw over their shoulders to keep warm while they’re knee-deep in conquering new virtual worlds.

The Pacman Blanket can also be used as a couch cover in the game room, a bed cover for a gaming enthusiast’s bedroom, or as a wall hanging to put the game theme front and center in a basement or dorm room. The blanket or throw is 50x60 inches of fleece that will ward off the cold whether you are losing an online game or cramming for an important final.

Warning: It may be so comfortable you’ll find yourself drifting off to sleep in mid-gun battle.

The pattern on the blanket is reminiscent of the old Pacman arcade game, where the chomping round head would crunch itself through a maze and try to avoid being voided by lurking ghosts. All that’s missing is the slot for the quarters and the boop-boop and unwinding sound of failure familiar to anyone who once spent hours and all their allowance standing before the challenging machine.

You might only need to stand to get the full length of the comforter wrapped around you so you are completely swaddled in Pacman memorabilia. Few video games had such an impact on the future of gaming and few are so easily recognized, even by those who never guided a Pacman to ultimate victory.

The past can bring comfort after all with this versatile fleece that lets you pay homage to one of the greats.