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OCD Cutting Board

Does a picture hanging crooked set your teeth on edge? Do you rearrange the spice rack alphabetically by size? The OCD cutting board is for you. Slice precise food portions by following the grid marks for a perfect presentation.


via Amazon

Food presentation, making sure the plate looks as good as the food tastes, is half the art of meal preparation. This makes the OCD cutting board a must have for anyone creating a culinary masterpiece.

For someone with obsessive compulsive disorder, or OCD, the perfect presentation is the art. The meal is nice, but secondary to concisely cut carrots or precisely portioned pieces of pie cut at just the right angle.

In either case, the OCD cutting board is the perfect gift for the chef that needs everything “just so.” The board features a grid pattern of exact measurements marked out on its surface so you can make sure your squares are actually squares and of exactly the same size. Or align your food with the angle markings to be assured of absolute accuracy.

If you aren’t certain this is the perfect present for a friend or co-worker, consider whether the recipient:

• Won’t throw out last year’s calendar for fear they might need it • Regularly checks the refrigerator to make sure it’s still running • Checks the carton to make sure each egg is symmetrical and qualifies as extra large • Has only bookmarked foodnetwork.com and has the Turkey Talk-Line on speed dial

Whether for a perfectionist chef or a compulsive perfectionist, the OCD cutting board is guaranteed to make their life even more perfect. The attractive board is made of sturdy beechwood to stand up to the needs of even the busiest kitchen. And at 9 inches by 12 inches it is the perfect size for easy storage.