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Ninja Throwing Star Coat Hook

The last ninja attack left telltale throwing stars embedded in your walls. Hide them quickly by using them as a Throwing Star Coat Hook or two. Don’t let the neighbors know the truth


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The neighbors admired what they thought was a Throwing Star Coat Hook. They said it looked authentic and that it actually had been thrown and embedded itself into your wall. It was the coat hanging from one and the hat on another that fooled them.

Little did they know how close you had come the night before. It was a dark and stormy night, but that didn’t stop the bloodthirsty ninja band from invading your home, your castle. Somehow you’d managed to get downstairs without waking the wife, but the attackers knew you were there.

In an instant you’d dodged three of the lethal throwing stars. You’d grabbed your handy samurai sword and chased the invaders out the window through which they’d come only moments before with your death as their intent.

It wasn’t until this morning that you noticed the throwing stars had become stuck in the wall. Quickly you hid one from view with your bathrobe and grabbed a hat to hide the other so you could maintain the facade of a normal, mild mannered guy next door.

No need in frightening your neighbors or upsetting your wife. No harm done, ultimately. They won’t be back – most likely.

Create your own scenario when you show off these shining nickel-plated zinc alloy Throwing Star Coat Hooks that can be hung up to look like they are, indeed, embedded in the wall. The four-inch hooks actually are hung using a simple screw and are handy for hanging umbrellas, dog leashes, or anything else that can use a hook.

Just don’t tell them how they got there and your secret is safe.