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Mystical Fire

Fire bad? No, fire good, particularly when sparked up by throwing on a couple of bags of Mystical Fire and turning your fireplace blaze or crackling campfire into a light show.


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Fire has held a mystique for mankind ever since it was first discovered by cavemen, or possibly brought to earth as a gift to man by Prometheus. Regardless of who gets the credit, a roaring fire has always been a gathering place, whether for scouts making S’mores or natives dancing around it to ward of demons of the night.

Now, the marvels of modern science have actually made it possible to put even more color and allure into your fireplace fire or excitement in your campfire. Just by adding 1-3 bags of Mystical Fire you can imbue your fire with hues that change from blue to green, then from red and orange to pink and purple.

There’s no mess to just toss a sealed packet onto your wood burning fire. And the long lasting colors will put on a light show as you huddle for warmth with your friends or simply sit back an enjoy the show.

Why shouldn’t roughing it be more colorful and more friendly? The strangely hued fire likely will help you draw more company to your campsite and make new friends among those curious about how you did that. You don’t have to let the Mystical Fire out of the bag if you want to keep them guessing.

Heat up your coffee over a flame of bright purple, or roast marshmallows in a blaze of blue. Mystical Fire will not affect the flavor of your foods, but could improve the atmosphere if not the pitch the next time you gather with your friends to have an old fashioned sing around the campfire.