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Motorized Skateboard

If you have friends who are constantly showing off on their foot powered skateboard, now you can leave them behind eating your dust with this powerful yet maneuverable Motorized Skateboard.


via Amazon

Picture yourself aboard your foot powered skateboard, gliding blissfully along, mind wandering, arms dangling at your side as you let gravity do the work of getting you from here to somewhere, with an occasional shove for speed from your foot.

A pleasant enough scene. Now picture yourself standing and zooming along at up to 25 miles per hour down slopes and up hills, thanks to the 50cc 2-stroke engine on this Motorized Skateboard. Ride circles around your friends or leave them in your dust as they huff and pant to keep up on their old fashioned boards. The giant wheels even allow for off-road boarding, whether you’re at the beach or doing your version of ATV riding on a back trail. If you have any experience riding a skateboard or snowboard, you’ll be able to pick up quickly on the body movements used to steer the Motorized Skateboard. At slow speeds you can simply angle the front wheel with your foot to turn.

Like a gas powered weed whacker, the engine of the Motorized Skateboard uses a combination of oil and gas. Acceleration and braking is handled by a hand-held controller that is connected to the board by a cable. Releasing the pressure on the control will allow the board to slow to a steady stop. Or stop quickly with the brake mechanism.

The motor is mounted in the center and your feet slide into cuffs on the wheels to give you complete balance and control. So leave the slow rolling pace behind and power up the fun on board the Motorized Skateboard.