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Lightsaber Umbrella

Use the Force against the forces of Mother Nature with this rugged Lightsaber Umbrella that you can also use to show your colors as a Blade Runner fan. Choose your weapon and the color of the glowing shaft.


via Amazon

Whether you are a follower of Star Wars or a Blade Runner aficionado, the Lightsaber Umbrella is the umbrella you’ve been searching for.

When the Lightsaber Umbrella is fully extended, the shaft artfully recreates the look of the famed lightsaber. The LED lights come in six different colors to select from and can be switched from a constant beam, to a slow flash, and to a fast flash.

In daytime, the illuminated light is a striking statement of your fandom. And it makes for a unique icebreaker and something other than the weather to talk about while you are waiting for a bus in the rain.

At night, the lighted shaft will make you easy to spot so you won’t get lost in the dark. The steady beam also will help you find keys and the keyholes they go in to when the porch light is out and you don’t have a flashlight.

To top it all off – literally – the large umbrella, which measures 41 inches in diameter, will keep the rain off as you hold it aloft and look like you’re armed and ready to strike with your blue or red or green lightsaber. The light is powered by three AG13 batteries, which are included with your purchase.

A simple push of a button on the handle will light up the shaft in your choice of lighting patterns. Don’t be taken off guard by the storm or the Stormtroopers and be sure to keep this Lightsaber Umbrella handy to use the Force against the forces of Mother Nature.