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Jumping Stilts

Get powered up and jump higher and run faster than you’ve ever dreamed. Amaze and annoy your competitive friends who don’t have access to these Jumping Stilts, the ultimate in unique sports equipment.


via Amazon

You won’t actually be faster than a speeding bullet. And leaping a tall building in a single bound is a bit of a stretch. But you will be jumping unbelievable heights and outrunning your fastest friends and even Fido in these fantastic Jumping Stilts.

Runners wearing these appendages have been clocked dashing off at an amazing 20 mph with nothing else but their leg muscles powering them. They have bounded up as high as seven feet, albeit without a net.

Remember the Six Million Dollar Man? Well with these Jumping Stilts you can match him stride for stride and without the major influx of cash and major life threatening surgery that would ordinarily be required. Just strap on these leaf springs and you’re off. And unlike Robocop, you’ll remain mostly human.

Once you get accustomed to the Jumping Stilts, which are basically fiberglass leaf springs with an aluminum frame, they will allow you to do impressive back flips while you wait for your friends to catch up.

With the added height the Jumping Stilts afford you, they come in handy for a number of other tasks in addition to being great fun and exercise. Now you can change that burned out light bulb in the ceiling fan or paint those high spots. Bounce along as you pass by your neighbor’s house and nip some apples from his tree.

Stand tall and show your friends how its done with a little help from the Jumping Stilts. They’ll have you jumping for joy running for the hills as soon as you strap them on.