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Iron Man Hand USB Drive

You know your data is protected with Iron Man on hand, or rather with this Iron Man Hand USB Drive. The miniature replica of the super hero’s gauntlet holds 16 GB.


via Amazon

Dispel the evildoers and ward off the enemies of all that is right, true, and on your flash drive with this Iron Man Hand USB Drive. The miniature replica of the Marvel Comics super hero’s famed gauntlet is only three inches long, but can hold 16 GB of memory in the palm of its fabled hand.

The flash drive not only resembles the Iron Man’s glove, but its fingers can be bent into a closed fist or any other configuration that comes to mind. You can let office mates know how you feel about them, in a subtle way, using universal sign language. Flash them the three-fingered sign for “I love you,” for example, as you upload important files.

The Iron Man Hand USB Drive also comes equipped with an LED light that simulates the hero’s repulsor ray to make it even more like the real thing. So when it is plugged in, all in the vicinity will know that the Iron Man hand is activated and on duty.

Even if you’re not quite as rich or as adept at the tech stuff as Tony Stark, Iron Man’s billionaire inventor, your Iron Man Hand USB Drive will let your fellow geeks know where your super hero loyalties lie. At the same time, you’ll be protecting valuable files or moving them from your computer to another USB-friendly device.

Let your computer talk to the hand while you make your own statement using this immediately recognizable pop culture symbol and always know where your files are with the Iron Man Hand USB Drive. Actual repulsor ray not included.