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iPotty Activity Seat for iPad

Even potty training has gone digital. Now you can encourage your toddler to learn to use the potty and operate an iPad at the same time with the iPotty Activity Seat for iPad.


via Amazon

At last the computer world has come up with a solution to the difficulties that parent’s often encounter in potty training their youngster. In fact, potty time could become a child’s favorite play time with the iPotty Activity Seat for iPad.

This blending of the worlds of Dr. Spock and Steve Jobs provides your child with a standard potty that has connected to it an activity stand. It will securely hold your iPad on the front, so they can learn to use the john while learning to operate in a universe dominated by electronics.

The adjustable activity stand will protect the iPad while your child plays and pees. It is easily cleaned and comes with a clear touch screen guard. The stand can rotate 360 degrees and can be easily switched between vertical and horizontal views.

Cleaning up after the child finishes his or her human needs is as simple as removing the inner potty bowl and dumping and wiping it. The potty part has a comfortable seat and splash guard, all sized for your tot to easily access.

The 3.2-pound potty will hold a child weighing up to 46 pounds. It stands 19 inches high and 12.5 inches deep so it will fit easily into any adult bathroom.

So here is your chance to finally dry those tears that almost always accompany potty training time – whether yours or the child’s. Instead, entertain and enlighten your child even as he learns the basics of hygiene and does his or her business. Get the best of two worlds with the iPotty Activity Seat for iPad.