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iPad Karaoke Machine

Let’s face it. Karaoke just isn’t much fun if you can’t take it on the road with you. Share in the camaraderie forged when several people get together (with or without drinking) to sing poorly. Here’s to good friends.


via Amazon

The iPad Karaoke Machine adds portability to any karaoke party. Living room too limiting for you and your crew? Stretch out in the back yard. That way nobody’s air guitar gets in the way of anyone else’s air guitar.

The iPad Karaoke Machine is a compact karaoke system, fully-laced with a rotary dock for your iPad or iPod, two microphone jacks with adjustable mic sound and some pretty high-quality speakers.

The karaoke machine plays CDs and CD+Gs for anyone old school enough to have either, as well as MP3s and MP3+Gs. The construction of the machine is both compact and sturdy. You can easily transport the karaoke system just about anywhere you need it to go and it is sturdy enough so you do not have to worry about damaging your mobile device thinking the thing is flimsy and may tip over. It won’t.

The iPad Karaoke Machine works – and you are going to love how easy this is – by simply docking your mobile device with the karaoke system. You can use just about any karaoke app out there, so you do not have to fret about finding the right app to download. They’re all the right one.

Once docked, choose your content source, whether CD+G or MP3, and play it. The words to your favorite karaoke song will show up on the screen of your mobile device and you and your party are up and ready to rock out.

Take the iPad Karaoke Machine with you wherever you feel the urge to cause a ruckus and turn up the fun.