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Interactive Laser Pet Toy

Let your kitten duel with its own version of a miniature light saber with this Interactive Laser Pet Toy. Challenge your cat to go to the light to try to catch it and watch the fun.


via Amazon

Bring out the Jedi in your cat, get him to exercise, and reclaim your place on the couch with help from this space age Interactive Laser Pet Toy. The toy, which creates a harmless red light beam that rapidly moves in various patterns, will challenge your kitty to prove his fighting skills in a way sure to take off the pounds and provide entertainment for both you and your pet.

Science has finally found a way to take the responsibility for cat entertainment off the owner. The Interactive Laser Pet Toy operates automatically. Just switch it on and set it on the floor for your own floorshow. And, “Look, Ma. No hands!” Or use it in the manual mode and create your own set of challenges by hand guiding the laser dot up walls or directing the laser patterns under tables.

Your cat will no longer be able to lie around like some lazy, over-breeding Tribble, though that’s a different universe altogether. Have him/her fighting like a heroic Ewok against the evil forces represented by the marauding light beam.

The Interactive Laser Pet Toy is the perfect gift for any pet that dreams of saving the universe from the evil Empire. Strike back for 15 minutes on automatic mode before the toy shuts itself off.

It only takes four AA batteries, which are not included, to make sure neither you nor your cat spend another couch potato weekend just watching Star Wars re-runs. You and your sidekick can be a part of The Force yourself with the Interactive Laser Pet Toy.