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Inflatable Starfighter Super Squirter

Your child knows the Force. He is within the Force and he can easily force you from the pool with the squirt gun attached to the Inflatable Starfighter Super Squirter pool float.


via Amazon

Space Invaders or any other alien shoot-em-up video game has nothing on the real firepower your young one can bring to bear on enemies of the pool when they crawl into the pilot seat of this floating Inflatable Starfighter Super Squirter.

The raft when fully inflated looks just like a TIE fighter of the Imperial Navy in Star Wars. Two tall, six-sided donut floats on either side hold up the central pilot’s seat that features a deadly accurate squirt gun just waiting to take aim on any unsuspecting Jedi that dare enter its pool space.

Or perhaps your young Luke has captured the fighter and is now using the Starfighter Super Squirter and the Force on a wet mission to infiltrate the Death Star pool and destroy the minions of Darth Vader that are spoiling his summertime fun.

The Inflatable Starfighter Super Squirter can hold anyone weighing up to 140 pounds. It is made of heavy gauge vinyl for sturdiness in the face of the oncoming threat of annihilation by the Dark Side.

Imagine the epic pool fights, with the enemy forces, mounted sideways on their flat rafts so they resemble an X-wing fighter, challenging the water power of the Inflatable Starfighter Super Squirter to see who can claim to be master of the universe – or at least of the shallow end of the pool.

Kids will love being part of the action in this sizeable floater, which measures 43 inches tall by 46 inches long and 45 inches wide. They’ll be sure to make galactic history as the pilot of their own Inflatable Starfighter Super Squirter.