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Inflatable Hot Tub

This Inflatable Hot Tub brings relaxation and fun to wherever you can hook into a wall plug, be it a sunroom, your backyard, or your basement. Enjoy true luxury at a budget price.


via Amazon

The Inflatable Hot Tub brings the luxury and relaxation found in the costly tub brands that decorate the back decks of mansions well within the reach of the three-bedrooms, two baths ranch house set. Add to that, this tub is portable so you can enjoy a romantic secluded evening in your sunroom or get the gang together in your backyard for splashing good fun.

All the Inflatable Hot Tub needs is 211 gallons of water from a hose and a wall plug for the 130 air jet system that provides a muscle relaxing massage. The tub is plenty big and comfortable for company, with an outer circumference of 73 inches that, with air padding, slims to 55 inches for the inner circumference.

The self-inflating tub pumps up in minutes so there’s hardly any wait for the fun to begin. It’s easy to set up, requiring no tools. When your skin has thoroughly pruned, the hot tub folds up and fits inside a satchel that is included with the kit. Who would guess that you keep a spa in your hall closet?

The hot tub is sturdy enough for Bubba and his crew. It is made of 40-guage PVC vinyl and 19-guage cloth and weighs only 48 pounds when empty. But with the luxury of a hot tub so easily close at hand, it’s doubtful your friends and neighbors will let it stay empty for long.

Be the envy of the neighborhood with your own relaxing hot tub spa. Show your friends that luxury doesn’t have to come at luxury prices.