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Inception Spinning Top

This can’t be happening. It’s all a dream, right? Maybe not. You could make sure one way or the other with the Inception Spinning Top replica inspired by the hit cult movie.


via Amazon

If one of the newest cult classic movies, Inception, taught us anything, it is that you can’t be certain you’re not just dreaming all of this. That is, you can’t be sure unless you have your very own Inception Spinning Top to serve as your totem.

This smooth, sleek top is a replica of the dream totem used by the Leonardo diCaprio character to tell whether or not what he was experiencing was a dream. In the movie, while diCaprio was in a dreamscape, the top would never stop spinning.

So if your Inception Spinning Top falls over on your desktop, you can be sure that this is real and yes, your boss just asked you to work overtime. If you’re not satisfied with the results or just want to kill some time, you can become mesmerized by keeping the well balanced top spinning for as long as you can stand it.

After enough time of watching the lights glint off the smooth metal surface, you may need to come up with your own “kick” to pull you out of your reverie. Fans of the movie will remember that characters had to devise some momentous event, like falling or dying in the dream, to awaken them – their “kick.”

If you can’t decide on how, exactly, you want to kick yourself awake, you can roll the die included with the top. The top itself comes with “Inception” emblazoned on the underside. It and the die come in a handy pull-string carrying bag, which also comes with the Inception label.

The Inception Spinning Top is made of high quality alloy and makes a great gift for Inception fans. Or keep it at work as an addictive distraction.