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Hobbit Slippers

Even if you have the stature of one of the Big People, you can still stride your way across Middle Earth with the pride – and hairy feet – of a Hobbit with these warm and comfortable Hobbit Slippers.


via Amazon

You may think there is more to this Hobbit than meets the eye, but the Hobbit-ishness begins and ends at the feet when you wear these Hobbit Slippers. Still, you can make your way around the environs of Middle Earth in comfort thanks to their warmth, even if you are one of the Big People.

Fans of JRR Tolkien’s novels about the diminutive and shy Hobbits will immediately recognize the hairy big feet portrayed in plush by the Hobbit slippers. You may look as if you are barefoot, but looks can be deceiving.

It will be a good morning whether you want it or not once you slip into the shoes that could be the feet of Bilbo Baggins himself. You will feel good of a morning, and that it is a morning to be good on whether you are going there and back again, as the Hobbits may say.

Searching for magical rings and facing down trolls, ogres, and dragons – any quest Gandolf may set upon you will never be more than you can handle or dream up yourself wearing footwear that gives your feet the look of The Hobbit’s hero.

You know that it’s true that if you want to find something, there is nothing quite like looking. And while you are bound to find something, if you look, it’s not always the something you were after, they say. But you’ll be after these unusual, warm and adorable slippers paying homage to Tolkien’s best.

One size will fit the feet of almost any adult Big Person. Wear these Hobbit Slippers and prepare for adventure.