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Hands Free Toilet Seat Lifter

‘Who left the seat up?’ That is a common cry in unisex and home bathrooms all over the world. To end that problem, install an ingenious hands free toilet seat lifter and never face that nasty problem again.


via Amazon

Eewww, yuck! There is nothing worse than going to the rest room and having to lift the toilet seat or finding that it has been left up. Who wants to touch that disgusting, germy surface anyway? Believe it or not, there is an easy, inexpensive way to put an end to that problem once and for all. The totally awesome foot-pedal Toilet Seat Lifter involves a simple device that works like a trash can pedal. All you have to do is step on the pedal to lift the seat, take care of business and then remove your foot from the pedal. No hands, no mess, no germs, no problem! This amazingly simple device – why didn’t someone thing of it sooner! – is easy to install, ends all sorts of arguments and helps maintain cleanliness and peace of mind. A small investment can lead to a lifetime without having to ask that same old question – ‘Who left the seat up?’ – when the guy in the house just can’t seem to remember to lower the seat. It is also a great relief to guys, too, who will never again have to grab the seat to lift it to be polite and it can put an end to the problem of ‘that guy’ who just doesn’t even bother to lift the seat at all!

Easy to install and convenient enough for a child to use, the fabulous Toilet Seat Lifter is the perfect gift for any household and should be standard equipment in every public rest room. Just imagine how much more sanitary the process of using the facilities will be!