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It’s definitely not what it looks like. You haven’t wrapped your hands in old underpants. Handerpants are actually fingerless gloves made to look like tighty whities that will keep your hands as warm as your bum.


via Amazon

Remember in middle school when your mother would make you wear a clean pair of tighty whities, sometimes with your name written inside? Remember the dread you had of stripping down for gym and the inevitable bullies who must have felt your underpants required giving you a wedgie?

Now you can wear a replica with pride right out there on your hands with Handerpants, a pair of fingerless gloves that will keep your hands warm while making a statement.

Since you’re older now, you may be tempted to dare anyone to try and give you a wedgie while wearing Handerpants. They cover your knuckles to prevent any abrasions some would-be bully may invite and will be plainly visible as you salute the flagpole that once gave you such pain and anguish.

Handerpants are more than a novelty. The thick fabric will keep your palms and wrists warm, dry, and protected while leaving your fingers uncovered and free to perform any exacting tasks. Electricians, carpenters, typists, anyone who needs unfettered fingers will love the warmth provided by these unusual gloves.

Wear them skiing or driving and show your prowess. Know no fear as you drive up to the guys on your motorcycle and invite admiring looks for so proudly displaying your touch of whimsy.

The Handerpants gloves make a terrific gift and come in sizes to fit most hands. Even women will enjoy wearing gloves that look like something they wouldn’t be caught dead wearing. But Handerpants will allow them to make their own statement in a stylish and fun way.