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Hand Shovels

Transform yourself into a lean, mean, digging machine and become the hit of the beach or sandbox with these wearable Hand Shovels that will turn you into a human backhoe.


via Amazon

It’s not an old saying, but maybe it should be. “You are what you dig.” This will be a true new saying when you transform yourself into a human backhoe by slipping on a pair of Hand Shovels.

You’ll be the hit of the beach or sandbox with the power of plowing you’ll hold in your hands wearing Hand Shovels. Forget that tired old plastic shovel. Don’t get your hands dirty while you dig in with both hands. Your friends won’t be able to keep up as you scoop up their sand, dig for worms and sand crabs, or uncover the most coveted seashell.

The Hand Shovels truly will turn you into a lean, mean digging machine with the looks to go with it. The Hand Shovels come in regulation Department of Transportation yellow and are shaped to resemble the arm of an actual backhoe. There’s even a silvery design in the center that looks just like a hydraulic lift rod. The bright yellow color also makes the Hand Shovels easy to find if somehow they get buried or if they get caught by an outgoing wave.

Hand Shovels are good in dirt as well as sand, so your parents may rent you to dig some holes in the garden for the new plants they just bought. The shovels come with an amazing hydraulic grip that will make scooping easier.

Whether you use one Hand Shovel or fully encase your extremities by using both that come in the set, your digging days are just beginning and the fun will never end with durable Hand Shovels.