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Glowing Memo Board

Put together an incredibly cool number of handy tools into one and you have the Glowing Memo Board. Its an alarm clock, thermometer, memo reminder pad and USB gadget garage all in one


via Amazon

The geek in your life will forever be thanking you for gifting them with the Glowing Memo Board because they’ll forever be using it. Handy doesn’t even begin to describe the all-in-one nature of this most perfect of gadget gifts.

Consider the average alarm clock. It wakes you up at an appointed time unless you are lucky enough to have one with a sleep switch included. That’s what it is. That’s what it does.

But the Glowing Memo Board doesn’t even mention the alarm clock that serves as its base in its name. The clock, with sleep switch, also holds a vertical clear acrylic memo board that is lit from below by bright blue LED lights. So anything written on it with the included pen will glow as an immediate morning reminder to you when you roll over to switch the alarm off.

That might be enough for some to purchase this low priced alarm clock. But wait, there’s more. The clock also comes equipped with four USB ports that can be used to recharge or use your iPhone, iPad, iPod, speakers, or any other USB-friendly device.

And there’s even more. The alarm clock also can serve as a birthday reminder. It can act as a stop watch and will tell you the temperature in the room.

Workers will want to take this alarm clock to the office with them to keep them organized. Having so much included in such a small package is a boon to people with home offices.

The clock can be powered by a AAA battery and the large clock numbers are easy to spot and read. You can use any colored wet erase marker if the blue of the included pen is not your style.

The overall versatility of the Glowing Memo Board will make it a perfect fit for geek and non-geek alike.