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Giant Gummy Bear

The Giant Gummy Bear is the culmination of every gummy lover’s dream. It’s five pounds and 12,000 calories of pure sweetness. Just don’t try to eat it in one sitting.


via Amazon

The Ghostbusters had their Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. It was cute, but a thing to be feared. There is nothing to fear, though, from the Giant Gummy Bear. Bring home this cute confection and watch the reaction from the gummy lovers in your house.

The Giant Gummy Bear is a dream come true for the candy fan. It is five pounds of sugary goodness. Maybe the calorie count – 12,000 – may be a bit much, but it’s only because the single gummy is the equivalent of 1,400 regular-sized mini-gummies.

The calorie count also should only matter if you were planning on eating the Giant Gummy Bear in one sitting. We advise that you share with a few of your friends because the only possible bad thing about chowing down on this cute big guy is a tummy ache if you try to go solo.

But most will probably want to take their time and portion out the Giant Gummy Bear for weeks of enjoyment. Take a knife and fork to it or just rip off an ear and chew away.

Once a true gummy lover spots this gargantuan treat, there will be nothing to replace it. The little bags of multi-colored gelatinous cuddlies will be nothing but a bunch of ursa minors. The Giant Gummy, though, is a two-fisted, gluten-free monstrosity of delicious cherry flavoring. They won’t be able to resist. They won’t want to.

So surprise the gummy fan in your family with this oversized taste treat that could become a new hobby as they spend days whittling it down. It also makes an unusual and welcome hostess gift when a bottle of wine just seems too passé.