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Ghostbusters Replica Ghost Trap

Don’t let the pink slime or that funny green blob of a ghost get you down. You can be protected from the supernatural with this Ghostbusters Replica Ghost Trap with foot pedal action.


via Amazon

Join the heroes of the Ghostbusters team and arm yourself against the onslaught of the supernatural with this authentic Ghostbusters Replica Ghost Trap. Any fan of the Ghostbusters movies will recognize the exacting detail of this important part of the team’s arsenal.

The film-accurate rendition is so complete it comes with a foot pedal-activated top latch to trap monsters and ghoolies before they can wreak havoc in your neighborhood. Once the slimers are caught, the trap has an interactive mode where it shakes to simulate the capture. Light and sound effects and a removable center complete the picture for a realism you can’t find anywhere else outside a movie theater.

This is a must-have for Ghostbusters aficionados or for those who aren’t comfortable around that old portrait in the hall. Do the eyes follow you? Does the figure in it seem to have moved position the next morning, possibly coming to life after dark at the crest of the full moon?

Never fear. No ghost has yet been able to escape the clutches of the scientific marvel of cinematic recreation and homage. With this Ghostbusters Replica Ghost Trap you won’t have to worry about the crossing the streams problem that comes with proton packs. The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man will be no more harmful than a big doll, the Gatekeeper can just keep looking for the Keymaster, and Gozer will be well in hand once you slide this trap near them.

No Ghostbusters costume or collection will be complete without the realistic addition of this Ghostbusters Replica Ghost Trap.