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Foosball Gumball Table

Your mother can’t tell you not to play with your food, or at least not with your gumballs. Not if your playing on this amazing Foosball Gumball Table that combines two treats in one


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When you win a point at Foosball, what do you really get? A point and maybe some bragging rights. With the Foosball Gumball Table, you’ll be able to brag through a mouth full of gum from the gumball you just hit into your opponent’s goal.

This remarkable table combines all the action and skill of Foosball with the fun and flavor of your favorite gumballs into one terrific activity for the entire family. Even Mom will let you play with your food.

The Foosball Gumball Table replaces the usual game ball with an actual gumball. The gumballs can be stored by the thousands in containers attached to the table at either end.

The rules can be made up as you go along. For example, if you are a Foosball pro, you can require your opponent to take and chew each gumball that passes his goal line. In no time he could be enduring gumball-induced jaw muscle throb and be unable to do anything but grunt.

On the other hand, if you’re not that great at the game, but love chewing gum, you can let your opponent have at it while you enjoy treat after treat. You may even want to let him run up the score so you can share with your adoring fans. That’s how you build fan loyalty.

The Foosball Gumball Table is set up as a vending machine that requires a quarter to play, so you can earn money to buy replacement gumballs. It’s suitable and built for all ages to enjoy, standing at 42.5 inches. It’s 45 inches long and 29 inches wide and weighs about 150 pounds. The construction is all metal with Lexon gumball globes.

Go ahead and play with your gumballs and maybe let Mom have a turn at the Foosball Gumball Table