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Endless Lasagna Pan

Get the best slice of lasagna, that crusty one from the edge, no matter which slice you get. Your favorite lasagna recipe will come out perfectly stacked every time with the Endless Lasagna Pan.


via Amazon

Why didn’t someone think of this before? That’s sure to be the standard comment when you show off your favorite lasagna you baked using the Endless Lasagna Pan.

The pan’s design features a chamber that is broken up by three internal pan walls that extend about three quarters of the pan’s width,. This makes it look like a maze a mouse would love. But you’ll love what it does.

Because of is unique design, the Endless Lasagna Pan divides your lasagna into four sections. Each section gets heat from all sides to create that craved-for crusty part at the edges that everybody loves and tries to be the first at the table to claim before its gone.

Now no one at your table will be stuck with that lopsided hunk of lasagna from the middle of the dish. The pan keeps the layers evenly stacked while they are removed, so you’ll never see another tragic lasagna collapse. The pan also prevents soggy, saggy lasagna in the center of the dish by circulating the heat evenly so every slice is thoroughly cooked to perfection.

The sections of the pan are perfectly sized to fit standard lasagna noodles. Since each section is open to the next, Mama’s special sauce will easily spread through the pan guaranteeing the satisfaction of every dinner guest.

The Endless Lasagna Pan is made of anodized cast aluminum that has a non-stick coating, so cleanup is extra easy. Handles on the sides make transporting the pan from oven to table simple and secure.

Make sure your favorite guests always get the best slice of lasagna. Cook it up to perfection in the Endless Lasagna Pan.