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Electronic Goldfish in a Bowl

The Pet Rock of old could never compete for the sheer pleasure of owning the Electronic Goldfish in a Bowl. The fish swims without ever needing care and feeding.


via Amazon

Pets come with one, major problem. They insist on being let out or fed, played with or taken to the vet. Then there’s the grooming and the expense of buying pet food and cleaning up after them.

Even fish aren’t much better. Despite studies that show fish have a distinct calming effect on humans, helping ADHD kids relax and reducing illness, they still require feeding and you should probably clean the aquarium occasionally.

Not so with the Electronic Goldfish in a Bowl. This amazing pet will swim as long as the batteries last and still help relieve stress if you need it while at your desk at work. No upkeep is necessary. Just add water and enjoy the tiny goldfish as it makes its way around and around in its little bowl.

Do you wish you had a pet but know you don’t have the time? The Electronic Goldfish in a Bowl is perfect. You can go away for a weekend without having to arrange for house sitters or boarding. And there’s no late-night barking or complaints from the neighbors.

Of course, the goldfish won’t come when you call or chase a ball, but it also doesn’t need to be spayed or neutered. You don’t even have to give it a name if you don’t want to. And there will be no solemn ceremonies over the toilet bowl. If this fish dies, just replace the batteries.

The Electronic Goldfish in a Bowl can be moved from room to room without causing trauma to the fish or the room occupant. Cats will love it, but can’t kill it, so it is perfect for the entire family.