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Darth Vader Dog Costume

May the force be with you as you face the evil of the bark side when Dog Vader confronts you. Your dog can be fully equipped and dressed to frighten in this Darth Vader dog costume.


via Amazon

Don’t leave the Death Star without a co-pilot for your Y-wing fighter. Who better to have on your side than an Imperial pilot’s best friend, Fido, dressed up as Darth Vader himself, trusted right paw of the Emperor and scourge of the rebel felines.

The Darth Vader dog costume will truly prove that there is a bite to the bark side. The outfit comes complete with a headset made to copy Vader’s famous helmet. The black jumpsuit comes decorated with an image of a chest full of input buttons and a belt. Arms are attached for added realism and a cape completes the outfit.

Don’t go out on Halloween by yourself. With you as Luke Skywalker or Han Solo, having a pint-sized Darth Vader at your side will be sure to earn some extra treats. Or recreate Vader addressing the Stormtroopers in your apartment as you and the dark dog plot the destruction of the Grand Army of the Republic, which is gathering its forces on Nar Shaddaa as we speak.

Take Darth Vader for a walk through the Coruscant sector of your neighborhood and dare anyone to pull their light saber. Feel the powah of the bark side and show no mercy to the brainbolted borg-lickers down the street.

Or arm yourself against the ultimate evil that is Dog Vader and try out the aim of your BlasTech DL-44 against his efforts to pounce on you and disarm you by dastardly licking your face.

By the jewel of Haarkan, don’t delay. Outfit your dog with the Darth Vader dog costume and be prepared to board the Dark Star to face your destiny.