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Darth Vader Adult Costume

Give in to the Dark Side and don’t let the opportunity go by to dress the part and fight on the side of the evil Empire in this Darth Vader Adult Costume. Light saber included.


via Amazon

Luke Skywalker may be the hero of the Star Wars movies, but in the universe of fashion, he just makes it to passé. And what’s all this about the Emperor’s clothes? He may want to cast an evil persona, but it just looks like he’s wearing a bathrobe. No. For truly evil style and a sense of darkness, the award has to go to Luke’s dad, Darth Vader.

Practice your Vader voice because now you have the opportunity to dress for success against the rebel cause with this Darth Vader Adult Costume. No detail is left out. The costume comes with his signature black cape and black helmet and mask to hide whatever it was that happened to your face. The chest plate shows the buttons that keep you breathing. The evil red of the light saber shows you’re ready to make others stop breathing.

One size fits most because, after all, there’s only one Darth Vader, thank The Force. But this means you can don the costume and sit in comfort as you add yourself to the action as you watch your favorite Star Wars episode.

Give in to your Dark Side and scare the bejeebus out of the kids as they play and laugh their way around the hall corner. After all, you told them not to run in the house. Besides, you can make it up to them by dressing as Santa Clause next Christmas.

Then, as the rugrats tremble before you, you can say it. You know you want to. Go ahead. Say it. “I am your father.”