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Dancing Water Speakers

Bring your music to life and to light with these Dancing Water Speakers. LED lights will brighten any score as they light up jets of water that “dance” to your beat on your desktop.


via Amazon

Don’t just sit there and simply listen to your favorite tunes. Now you can do more than just feel the rhythm. This pair of desktop Dancing Water Speakers will help you bring your music to life and light as its jets of water perform to the beat of your music. So now you can show the rhythm and entertain your friends, no matter your choice in music.

The two small speakers come equipped with water-filled tubes encased in a clear plastic box, so you need not worry about water getting on your expensive computer equipment. Each water jet is lit from below by one of four LED colored lights for a fascinating visual effect. And once the speakers are plugged into your computer, iPad, or MP3 or 4, you can sit back and watch a sound and light show you choreographed yourself.

Take off those headphones and share the music with friends who will be mesmerized by the Dancing Water Speakers. Turn your computer space into a dance studio as the motion of the rhythmic water is enough to make its viewers want to get up and move themselves.

The speakers and water compartment together are only nine inches high and no complex setup is required. You just plug them in and watch the water dance. No batteries are required and the speakers are completely portable, weighing in at under two pounds for both.

Whether your music is jazz, pop, reggae, or country, or runs more toward “Flight of the Bumble Bee,” you’ll love the effect your favorites will have on the colorful water jets of the Dancing Water Speakers.